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Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by They, Sep 10, 2005.

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    In Tradestation, when running a system that enters multiple times (say, at the close of every hour) a day and closes all positions MOC, what will be the value in the Summary Report for the "Time in Market" field?

    The first trade will have entered at 10:30 and have closed at 16:00. (5.5 hours)

    The second trade would have entered at 11:30 and have closed at 16:00 (4.5 hours)


    Will TS add all of these different trade times up or will it simply take the 5.5 hours (the longest) as the value for "Time in the Market" and then separately list "6" for the value in the "Max Positions Held" field?

    Thanks in advance

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    No Tradestation users out there?
  3. As you have all the details about the trades, just calculate them manually and you will have the answer.