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Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by shovel52, Dec 10, 2002.

  1. shovel52


    I use Tradestation 2000i and was wondering if anyone knows how to copy and paste a strategy from the tradestation world
    web site easy language forum into 2000i? I know how to create
    a strategy from a signal, but to copy and paste a strategy from
    the forum where does it go? signal? function? nothing works.I
    know this has to be simple. overlooking something!

    Also is it possible to set an alet when two indicators touch
    each other, such as percent r and on balance volumn? if it
    is running through the price? I havn't been able to find it. Can it
    be written?

    Thanks John
  2. I'm not really clear what your difficulty using material from other sources. If the source material is an EL file, then you'd use the "Import EL" menu. If the source material is text, you'd have to cut and paste and save and verify it, either by creating a new EL file of the appropriate type and pasting in the text, or by opening a pre-existing file of the appropriate type, deleting its contents, pasting in the new contents, and saving it under a new name.

    As for the other questions, I'd suggest that you open various files and look closely at how they're written, and try to understand and adapt (cut-and-paste, saving things carefully, of course) what you've already got. In short, there are a lot of ways to combine indicators and outputs, and to create alerts of many different kinds, including ones involving "crosses under/over."

    Lots of stuff you might presume was rather difficult turns out to be very easy. Some other stuff you might presume would be easy may turn out to be extremely difficult or impossible.

    Oh yeah, and you should get a copy of the EL Reference Guide and some books like USING EASYLANGUAGE or ASK MR. EASYLANGUAGE. There's a downloadable PDF version of the guide. I'm not sure if the old one designed for Omega products is still readily available.
  3. flyboy


    As a 2000i user, you probably are trying to download a version to TS 6, not 2000i.

    Check the file Extension. If it is ELS or ELA it should import properly. Most likely it is an ELD file for TS6.

    I have posted a question for the Tech Support at TradeStationWorld to see if there is some type of conversion, but have not heard or seen a reply yet (just posted yesterday).

    Will post here if I get a useable response.