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Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by tryfan, Aug 6, 2007.

  1. tryfan


    Guys - am looking at tradestation to back test my system on intraday data - can anyone tell me if the historical data is 'available' off line - as I travel a lot. Also can you use the data once the subscription has ended ?


  2. mikehabit


    You can use trade station offline but it can be tricky. First off you need to make sure your charts have all of the data required while you are on line. The download process is pretty quick.

    Secondly you have to login with an internet connection and let your pages load up. After that you can select “work offline” and disconnect from the internet. You have to leave your computer on and keep that session running in order to truly work off-line.

    You can dump all of the data TS has into TXT files and store it anywhere you like. I back up all of my tick data to a server at the end of every month.
  3. I got an e-mail today that they want you to register your computer so its the only one that you can use with the site, not sure if it was a fake or if it was real, I don't use tradestation any more but I still get e-mails
  4. I received the same email. I had no problems today logging in from either my main desktop or laptop.

    Maybe the security is only for brokerage clients. I use TS only for data/analysis; not executions.
  5. I thought that TS allowed you to work on more than 1 computer.
    If you have TS open on a PC and you open it on another one, the first will be cutt off and the second will function normally. At least that is what i read a while ago.

    So i start at home, leave the system running, go to my office, open TS and automatically the system at home will be cut off.
  6. ABCAC


    YES you can use trade station off line and have access to the data you have already downloaded. The last build I used was 8.1 (about 8 months ago).

    When you download data, it stores it in an encrypted file (or so i believe) on your hard drive. Even if you turn off your computer, the files are still there.

    I still have those encrypted files on my computer. Though I cant access them because tradestation locked me out (I havent gone online in 8 months)

    How can you download the data out of tradestation. I thought they were fairly protective of it, its their liveliness you know.
  7. nidarian


    Its available, you need to download everything you need in advance. Also need to login once evert 3 days.
  8. Gyles


    An interesting thread!

    Am using the old version 4 (Tradestation 2000i) as you can get real time non-USA data also. It is beneficial for people staying out of USA also.

    Though, getting help on this is tough and also do not know what to do, whether to upgrade to latest version 8, as it covers only US markets?

    These issues cause concern and I think that I shall stick on to the older version for now.
  9. I got the same letter and called to see if it was IP based. I was told that it was. I asked them what are you going to do about the people who use laptops at coffee shops, malls airports etc. I asked if they are going to have to call everytime they log in from a new access point. The lady said that they hadn't thought of that.

    I moved from Atlanta to San Diego, changed providers etc and have had no problem logging in from any of the 3 machines I have.

    Perhaps it is not ip based but cookie based etc.