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Discussion in 'Strategy Building' started by granville x, May 27, 2002.

  1. Does anyone know of a forum where questions regarding the TradeStation software are discussed (besides here)?

    I have recommended TradeStation to start a site for this, but in the meanwhile - or if they don't - I would be interested in an organized forum discussing issues regarding TS.

    Thanks for any tips!
  2. J-Trade


    "All subscription or unsubscription requests should be mailed either to:

    or to:

    depending on whether you want to subscribe or unsubscribe to/from
    the real-time list or the digest version of the list. The content
    of both lists is the same, but the digest is sent roughly once a day."

    There are some very helpful people on this list, with serious TS knowledge. List does not accept HTML format email.

    Hope this helps,

  3. trader99


    do you guys know if TS 6 does backtesting over a group of stocks(i.e. like all the stocks in the SP500)??

    It seems to only test over a SINGLE stock at a time.. hmm..

  4. its only one stock at a time...if u wanna test over a basket u need to do some manual excel work...
  5. Kymar


    or get the Rina Systems add-ons ($$$$):

    also linkable through (which Rina created).
  6. H2O


    Perhaps a bit off topic, but I'm considering switching from IB to TS.

    Does TS allow me to shave prices ? (for example buy limit $35.498 in stead of $35.50 )

    Thanks in advance.
  7. mktman


    Off topic too.
    Those using TS6 are you satisfied?


  8. yes i am. check out several reviews in the broker section on this board or look for posts from kymar.

    u need to be more creative to use ts6 but then it gives u a lot more than any other quotefeed (imo).

  9. Thanks for the links FX-Trader and J-Trade! The site looks great, but my german is a bit rusty, so unfortunately not much of use for me... However, I've joined the omega-list, thanks!

    One improvement I hope to see in TS soon:

    Being able to set the vertical grid lines to, e.g., even hours or half hours. This would improve how you perceive time I belive. Today, the grids stay the same distance from each other whether you increase or decrease the bar spacing. For example, in one view there's 9 minutes between the grid lines and in another 6 - resulting in 10:01 - 10:10 - 10:19 in the first view and maybe 10:02 - 10:08 - 10:14 in the second view.

    In other charting programs it seems like a standard feature to be able to adjust this to "even" hours.

    What's your opinion on this request? Something that more of you would like to see? (I've sent this request to the wish list at TS).
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