TradeStation Problems??

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by Bullet, Jun 11, 2007.

  1. Bullet


    Anybody else having problems with TS this morning. All I get in "waiting for symbol attributes"....very annoying!
  2. TraDaToR


    It's OK for me. There are often some problems to connect to the TS network around the opening.
  3. I currently use TS200 and would like to step over to TS 8.X.

    I know that i can transfer my own programmed tradeplans and indicators. But where do i have to store them? I read somewhere that i have to use the C- drive, but i would like to store them on another (removable) drive.
    Is that possible?
  4. Surdo


    I have saved/moved my Strategies between machines using CD's or a mini USB drive. I assume you are referring to ELD files?
  5. What i mean is that i want to put my own developments on an external USB drive. So if i don't trade, nothing can be copied as i disconnect my external disk and put him away. If they steal my PC they will not have my own developped software.

    All i want to do is protect my software. But i heard that your tradeplans and indicators have to be stored on the C drive. Otherwise TS will not find them.
  6. mujoh


    Isn't it possible to save the whole TradeStation application on an external hard disk?
  7. Yes, with TS2000 it is possible, but if you use the webbased version TS8 things might be different.
    At this moment i use an external drive with TS2000, but i would like to work with TS8.
  8. Beast84


    I was having the same problem. I thought it might me my connection. But I don't know. Thinking about switching brokers at the moment. :confused: