tradestation problems, fri jan 31?

Discussion in 'Retail Brokers' started by gaj, Jan 30, 2009.

  1. gaj


    sure seems that way to me. i placed 2 trades, i think they went through because of time and sales elsewhere, but nothing in my TS desktop.

    still in my 'portfolio', but can't cancel the trades, and their phone lines are swamped / can't connect.
  2. telozo


    Same problems here. I placed a market order to close a position, and it got stuck into the system. Tradestation would not answer the phone - not available operators. Luckily a restarted the platform and found out that my initial order has been actually executed - no money lost, but scary as hell. I'm really thinking of switching brokers.
  3. gaj


    just posted they're having technical issues.

    my trade went through my cover point, so i should be ok. we'll see.
  4. telozo


    This is the message from them. Total bummer, just after the open:

    We are currently experiencing technical issues with one of our routing venues and are working to resolve the issue. We will provide an update when it is available.

    The TradeStatio Trade Desk
  5. Surdo


    Time for another broker gentlemen!
  6. telozo


    Had enough! I only trade stocks, and I liked their charting and backtesting, but I don't use it that much anymore, so IB - here I come.
  7. Tums


    if you like their charting and backtesting
    here's a clone... connects to IB,
    and you can use all your EasyLanguage investments
  8. telozo


    Thanks, I will look it up.
  9. gaj


    just talked with the trading desk.

    unfortunately, they don't know whether trades were filled or not. for example, i had 2 trades which looked like they executed T&S (and passed through my price several times), but still visible in my desktop.

    so i'll (we'll?) have to wait until TS gets things straightened out.
  10. That is in no way an acceptable answer! They should have been able to call the Globex desk with the order ID and get the answer. I used to have TS primarily for charting, but did my 10 trades for the free platform, but had a similiar situation twice. They are pathetic and dangerous in their incompetence. Get a broker with support staff that actually nows what they are doing.
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