TradeStation Problems 4/7/03

Discussion in 'Retail Brokers' started by Harry123, Apr 7, 2003.

  1. Harry123


    Hi everybody, I have been running TradeStation side by side with Realtick this morning (4/7/03). Now I have my primary account with a Realtick Broker and I opened TradeStation to see how it runs for reliability. Well this morning I was just shocked here are the problems I have come across.

    1. Daily Charts are not updating as of yet for the day on any stocks its now an hour into the market.
    2. Using the radar screen too see a full line of quote information, I do not have any updates for "low" and "high" of they day yet. what I have are "zeros".
    3. I have been logged off once.
    4. Most stocks that have gapped up are showing the bars coming from the start of the prior day and not the "clear air" gap.

    Now I called Techsupport and I kept it on speaker phone because they said it would be a bit of a wait. I'm used to that as its standard protocol to keep that message on, however, after waiting for over 50 minutes I decided to hang up.

    Now the problem for me is not major as I stated that I'm running Realitck on my other computer. (Realtick is running flawlessly today, go figure that one out!). I have 2 computers both with 2 monitors and cable modem. In essence I opened an account with Tradestation to test its functionality and reliability. So far today its reliability scores a big goose egg. What I would like to know is if anybody else is having any of these problems as well today if so please state so here on this forum. When I do call tech support back to calmly discuss the problem with them later this afternoon it would be helpful to know if others have been experiencing the same problems today, or to know if this is a common occurrence.
  2. trader99


    Could be DAY LIGHT SAVINGS TIME CHANGE. Did you check the clock?

    I'm having some problems on my other platforms with time differences...
  3. Harry123


    Just to be fair, as I was done writing this post about an hour into the regular market session, 10:30 am eastern standard time. Tradestation has now gotten back inline. All the problem I spoke of before are no longer occuring. What I would still like to know is this happened to anybody else today or if this is a common occurence each day. I understand its a fast opening however, any problems like this in today's tech age are unacceptable and need to be resovled. Your response will be gratefully appreciated. Thank you.
  4. Harry123


    Here is a message I just received from Tradestation message Center. Received and hour and 15 mins into the trading day.

    "We are currently experiencing a problem with the daily "snapshot" Open, High, Low, Close, and Volume quotations for many stocks. This problem affects RadarScreen, Quotes, and the status line of Chart Analysis windows. The "Last" field, to the best of our knowledge, is correct for all stocks. Also, tick and intraday charts, Level II data, and Time & Sales data "
  5. Ebo


    Way to go TRADESTATION!
    Quotes were off since 9:30.
    Nobody answers the phone at customer Service.
    Put on hold 3 X!
    But thanks for nifty little pop Up window 1 1/2 hours later.
    Maybe I can trade Pop Up Windows Futures!
    "To the best of their Knowledge Last Sale Works"
    These guys just do not get it.
  6. Same glitches for me, first time this has happened though.
  7. Had the same problem on TS6 (TS7 sucks ass). Had to use time of sales... Though in fairness, this is the first time something like this has happened. And they could have picked a better day to trouble-shoot...

    Todays trades were:
    Long EBAY @ 90.8, out at 91.2
    Short T @ 15.49, BTC @ 15.25
  8. chaka68


    Thank you for the feedback. We acknowledge this problem and are working to completely resolve it. At this time, the daily open may not reflect the true market open and the daily high and low values only represent the high and low value that have been achieved since 10:30 am (problem is related to daylight savings time). We apologize to our users and are working to resolve the problem.

    Thank you,

    Stephen Pepe, Jr.
    Director of Client Support
    TradeStation Technologies, Inc.
  9. Ebo


    I switched Tradestation7 to SUNDIAL mode.
    I am no longer affected by your Daylight Saving Time Glitch.
  10. When calling tech support, hang up immediately if you get "Dierdre." No kidding -- she is absolutely incompetent (and downright rude at times).

    I've used Tradestation for years and this person has been consistently "unhelpful" over the years. The only person there that is willing to help and knows what's going on is Jim.

    By the way, I'm still using TS6. I'm going to wait for all the TS7 bugs to be worked out before making the switch for good.

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