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Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by p2, Jun 7, 2001.

  1. p2



    I just received an email from Tradestation that they will be upgrading their system this weekend to allow direct access trading and faster service.

    I just signed up a trial with eSignal because of the problems with the data lags in Tradestation and I was planning on cancelling my Tradestation account next week.

    What to do???

    Does anyone have any insight regarding the Tradestation network upgrade?
  2. P2,

    I have alittle experience w/ and on for several years.

    My suggestion is to play w/ the esignal software. You might not like the charting compared to TS Pro... But also, keep your TS account active until you find out just what they're up to. As an Omega customer, you get TS Pro for ~100 a month, which is not bad, considering the power of the software. And maybe with this round of improvements they'll be able to get the speed up with their quotes.

    If TS could get their quote service up to speed, literally, it is the perfect platform for me. Best regards, Jim
  3. tradewiz



    if anybody here has bought Tradestation before and
    doesn't like to upgrade to TS Pro please email me at


  4. Babak


    I just spoke with a rep at TS and for the first time they gave me the straight goods. They have been having massive problems with their servers. The upgrade is being used as smoke screen to cover up a major upgrade that is needed as well as repairing some really out of whack servers.

    I was running it today and it kept getting cut off from the server! I just gave up (grateful it was a sideways quiet mkt)
  5. tsprotech


    major change was done this weekend ( Data Farms) performance will increased to optimal anytime now :)
  6. p2


    The upgrade doesn't seem to be helping at all. I'm still seeing lagging quotes. Like Babak, I am getting disconnected all the time.
  7. tsprotech


    You can play by changing the server preferences example :flds 02 etc..for now ..until the data (stream) works even