Tradestation Pro unstable?

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by Funster, Jan 17, 2002.

  1. Funster


    I got a (most pleasant but rare!) phone call from Tradestation today.

    Apparently concerned about posts to this board where I was having problems with Pro. Forget how public this board is sometimes!!! :eek:

    Anyway they have a new version coming out in the next few days. When it comes out your ts pro will tell u its available and ask you if you want to upgrade.

    My main problem of it crashing, it turns out was because ts pro does not like more than one workspace to be loaded in at a time. This is going to be fixed in new version.

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  2. PatG,

    The latest version is, Date 01/10/2002. I'm not sure why you are not prompted to automatically download the new version when you log in. It should be automatic, unless you have turned off the notification feature (I believe that you can disable it for a few days. You should call tradestation and get them to walk you through the upgrade.

    Funster, I typically have several (10+) workspaces open simultaneously, and may have a total of more than 50 charts running and I rarely have a problem other than the sluggish behaviour I spoke about earlier.
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  3. nitro


    IT was explained to me, and I must say that I agree with their logic.

    They do "rolling" upgrades, where they will choose a block of people to upgrade, depending on their Customer Number. This way, they can control the number of users that will be affected _AT_ONE_TIME_ in case a bad bug is introduced, thereby cutting down on tech-support calls, etc.

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