TradeStation PRO - unreliable?

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by PKJR, Feb 7, 2001.

  1. PKJR


    I have signed up for TS Pro but I find their feed very unreliable..can anyone using it comment in that? I may have 8 workspaces opened (4 charts each) and the charts are not being updated all at the same time. I also see that charts are freezing?

    Let me know your thoughts

  2. alipang


    I have been using tradestationpro for the past two weeks and have found it to be quite good. As with any feed you use, if you have too many screens open you would have a slowdown of data especially if the stocks yyou are watching are active.

    Try closing a few of the workspaces and see if that helps.

    As with anything new there will be a few bugs, but so far I am impressed with it.
  3. PKJR


    Thanks..but if you day trade you have to watch usually several stocks how many workspaces do you have opened?

    I also notice that their feed is behind eSignal sometimes 1/2 point which is really bad..have you noticed this behaviour?

  4. alipang


    I have three L2 screens with T%S and six charts.

    I run a P111 500 with 256 mb ram on a dsl connection.

    Recently though when CSCO have lots of activity it did freeze my system. I deleted it and the problem went away.