TradeStation Platfrom almost FREE

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    TradeStation today announced that, effective December 1, 2005, it will launch two initiatives designed to accelerate its growth in futures business. The first initiative, designed to attract high-volume traders, is the change from the current one-price-fits-all futures commission structure to a tiered commission structure that rewards more active traders with lower pricing. Under this new pricing structure, the commission that will be charged over the applicable exchange fee will range from $1.20 down to 25 cents per contract (per side). Also, TradeStation currently charges an all-in-one futures commission that includes both exchange and brokerage fees. Under the new plan, these charges will be unbundled, so that the customer will pay the applicable exchange fees for the contracts traded, plus the tiered TradeStation fees applicable to that customer. This will enable customers to see how much each exchange charges for trades, and to better understand and take advantage of reduced fees for exchange members.

    In addition, TradeStation plans to further reduce the trading activity thresholds futures and forex customers need to meet to qualify for a waiver of the monthly platform fee. Under the new thresholds, futures clients who trade 10 round-turn contracts per month, as opposed to the current threshold of 50 round-turns per month, and forex clients who trade 10, as opposed to 25, deals per month, will qualify for the waiver
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    Free, crowded and unstable ?
  3. Only 10 Roundturn=means free

    don't worry, if more data subscriber paying TS,
    means they can afford better feed, because the
    overall cost goes down consequently

  4. Has that been your experience with TS?
  5. You still pay data fees., Not free.
  6. True, but you must admit its a good deal.
  7. As I understand the offer, you DO NOT pay data fees; you do pay EXCHANGE fees. We may be saying the same thing, but I always thought that most data providers charge two fees:

    First, a fee to stream the data to you-the data fee.
    Second, the exchange fees, of course the fees charged by the exchange to any user.

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    Wish they would equal the offer somewhat with equities
  9. anyone's a fool not to use ib for stock trades and .005 and jsut pay for the tradestaion software
  10. Can you tell me which brokerage offer extensive
    historical data like tradestation for free?

    IB free offer don't include historical data

    So i see no reason why Tradestation has to offer it for
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