Tradestation Outage on Crude Pop

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by Avid_Consumer, Nov 20, 2007.

  1. Did anyone else experience a 1 minute freeze of the TS platform during the initial energy pop just before 2pm today?

    The data froze, and I took TS offline. It couldn't log back in until I did a reboot.

    Anyone else have that today?
  2. DonKee


    what you are experiencing is a very common problem with TS during high tick volume. my guess is that you, also, had some e-mini charts up around the fomc release. this resulted in a huge barrage of ticks hitting your charts at once, thus the freeze.

    there are at least 5 topics on this forum and about 50 on the ts forum regarding ts chart freeze ups during high tick volume.
  3. i've been using ts for a long time, 5 years now i guess and i run my workspaces very lean. i've seen plenty of fomc freezes, not in a very long time though. i can't remember one ever taking down the ability to log back into the platform

    was there an fomc today? the tick burst on the energies wasn't extraordinary in any way when this happened. was business as usual
  4. FOMC Minutes with improved information and economic outlook.