TradeStation out this AM!!!

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by brownsfan019, Jul 19, 2006.

  1. TS is becoming very unreliable.

    Just completely out this morning.
  2. mtwokay


    TS also out for me. I use IB/ensign as backup and we've had a big run up on ER2. This is a bad day for TS to be out.
  3. Surdo


    Matrix is useless today on TS today.
  4. Finally back up.

    Now the QM data is WAY behind. Good luck trading off of that!

    Does TS understand how important charting is? What a joke.
  5. Anyone else reading this trade the EC? Have you seen the EC charts recently on TS?

    Just now (10:45am EST) - it looks like there was a 50+ tick move down all of a sudden and then snapped back.

    Wait, that didn't really happen though...

    What is going on at TS????

    Anyone from TS lurk this boards???



    Update: another EC spike, now at 10:48am EST. Another 50+ tick move down that never actually happened.
  6. This may not have been Tradestation. The CME had latency problems this morning that started with the Eurodollars and migrated to the other symbols. My broker (non-tradestation) called over to the CME while I was on the phone with them...

    Funnily enough I didn't have issues on the Tradestation charts but noticed it on my execution platform first.

  7. When their is a fast market TS always has trouble, the Matrix lags big time and the whole experiance scares you, so you sit and watch as the pros make a killing.

    I dumped TS long ago, I like IB, and CQG trader, My CQG trader is always spot on. IB is pretty good to.

  8. Wrong, I have hade no problems this morning, with any of the futures exchanges.
  9. The EC data on TS has been wrong recently on many occasions. Today was just 1 example.
  10. I bet by now TS has caught up with the markets, everything should be fine now, NOW THAT EVERYONE ELSE MADE A KILLING BUT YOU.
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