Tradestation not updating? 10-10

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by wkoop, Oct 10, 2008.

  1. wkoop


    Anyone else having issues with Tradestation data today? Charts update every few seconds (definitely not real time) and now charting is stuck even after restart. My other charting apps aren't having this problem. Anyone else?
  2. Surdo


    TradeStation was essentially useless today.

    Unless you have 3G of memory, don't even attempt to run TradeStation, and alone with NO other apps open.

    It is a memory hog and the data lags real trading platforms, like CQG and TT.

    Quit before you lose your all of your capital!
  3. jsv416


    yes TS has been a complete pile of shit today, as well as the last week. Seems that it cant keep up in big vol, fast moving markets.
  4. wkoop


    Uggg...I have 8GB of memory and still sucked wind
  5. Surdo


    Get rid of it!

    It's as realiable as a Leap Frog.
  6. Opra


    I am not a big fan of Tradestation, having experienced data lag's etc before in fast (or sometimes not so fast) markets. But I have to say that, during the last week's furious markets, my TS worked very well without freeze and no noticeable lags. My PC is Dell Dimension 9000 C2D w/ 2 gig ram on DSL and I run TS with multiple charts and IB TWS plus 2 sessions of Booktrader. So I give credit where due, from my experience and hope that they did make some improvement.

    BTW, my IB TWS worked very well too, with no issues at all during the past week.
  7. Band Width monitors show TS(TON o SH*T) occupying 10 time the BW that IB and others do! Even, NT with Zen uses less.