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Discussion in 'Retail Brokers' started by Easymoney, Nov 17, 2003.

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    As a relative newcomer to Tradestation, I was very irritated to learn this morning that their Brokerage Svc/Trade desk is woefully inadequete. I was on hold for over an hour while an order hung in the balance. After an hour and five minutes, my trade confirmation came through on my system. Anyone else experience this problem today or in the past with Tradestation??
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  3. Maybe I better not move to TS from IB... :eek:
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    Based on this persons first post?


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    Nope, no problems here.
  6. I don't have account nither with TS nor IB. But everyone
    here says, service wise TS is much better.

    What do you mean by "order hung in the balance"?
    Are u sure it wasn't partial unfilled order due to further
  7. Of course based on this persons first post. I don't want to
    wait untill the 77th post do I? They sound like they are just
    like IB! :D
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    I thought you would at least wait till the 78th.


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    The same thing happened to me today. A bunch of my orders were stuck in limbo. I couldn't cancel the orders and I didn't receive confirmation that they were executed.

    I was told by TradeStation that the communication between them and Island were broken. That was the reason why everyone didn't experience problem today. It was limited to people who was trading via Island.
  10. Oh well....

    Winsum lose some.

    Couldn't help it. Sorry.
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