Tradestation no longer available to Canadians??

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  1. What's up? I'm in shock to find out today that tradestation accounts are not available to canadian residents anymore!

    Anyone know what happened, or why the apparent decision? Also, where are my fellow former canadian tradestation account holders going to that compares for backtesting data and automated trading? Anything?
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    not a 100% clone

    the more advanced features are still under beta
  3. I've always understood that Canadians can open a Tradestation account but can only trade futures, not stocks. Does anyone know if this is still correct?
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    Yes I had an account there , not ding any trading for awhile, but was advided that as of October Candaian accounts would be closed.

    The only other option is that you can use the software on a subscription basis but it is much more expensive.

    With a futures account you could make 10 trades a month and get the platform for free. You still need to pay exchange fees though. I liked there software a lot too. This is too bad.

    Tradestation bring back Candian Accounts!!!
  5. on the phone they told me that about a month ago they started to not accept new applications from canadians, and closing/going to cash for existing canadian account holders. All they could tell me is that Canadian residents are no longer allowed, while many other non-US residents continue to be....

    im quite disappointed frankly.

    for $250/mth, they will allow you to login to do backtesting on the data, but you won't be able to trade live through an account. :(
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    Sam this applies to futures accounts. This is what I had. They were prompt in returning my funds though.
  7. The tradestation CEO was overheard saying:

    <i><b>We don't need no beer swilling hockey nut hosers, eh?</i></b>
  8. I understand that Multicharts with IB might be an adequate substitute to Tradestation. What can you use for backtesting data if you want more than just the few days of data from IB? Is there a forum like they have for Tradestation where you can share ideas/programs for Multicharts?
  9. I'm using ninja trader with IB. Not bad and good potential. Programming is done in C#.
  10. There are a few canadian groups out of Alberta and Vancouver with I trade remotely with them could be worth a shot
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