Tradestation needs to hire a better Press Agent

Discussion in 'Index Futures' started by SoesWasBetter, Feb 5, 2018.

  1. kevinkdog

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    Tradestation only banned trading with DAY trading margins. If you have full margin, you can still trade.

    From Tradestation:
    "TradeStation has not banned overnight trading in futures. Day trade rates were suspended and full margin will be required for contacts to be traded overnight."

    Still, the wording of their initial release left a lot to be desired...
  2. Damn, poorly worded is an understatement

    It actually seemed draconian on the face of it. Should never trust Zero hedge.
  3. kevinkdog

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    Agree! Scared the bejeebers out of me. I told Tradestation, and they said they'd talk to news release people - assuming they are still employed tomorrow morning.

    It did not help that at the same time of the release, their platform data became extremely slowwww...
  4. KeLo


    Considering what happened to IBFX with the Swiss devaluation, I can understand their caution.

    TradeStation works OK most of the time but was lagging very badly during yesterday's afternoon sell-off, at least with my set-up.
  5. KeLo


    IB has scrapped intraday margins for today. Full margin is required for futures today.

    Anyway it is not so bad if we have a day like yesterday again. Smaller position size was in order yesterday.
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