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Discussion in 'Strategy Building' started by Ebo, Jun 2, 2003.

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    I wonder if the new release of TradeStation 7.2 will include a choice of music while they put you on PERMAHOLD for customer service. has anybody ever gotten trough on the telephone to these people?

    Janet are you out there?
  2. I get through quickly almost all the time usually in less than 5 minutes, except for last week when their trade server went down and just about everyone with a brokerage account called in wanting to know what was going on. Then the wait was looooooooong.

    It might be taking longer due to their being in the midst of the upgrade from 7.0 to 7.1.

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    I have had it with TradeStation.
    I can not believe they get away with ZERO customer service.
    I called 4 times today and was on hold each time as long as 30 minutes before I gave up. There is NO excuse for this. There are thousands of unemployed qualified techies and brokers that would be more than happy to field calls even temporarily.

    If TradeStation thinks this is how to run a publicly held company, I am shorting TRAD tomorrow.

    Lets see, It took ten minutes to speak to a LIVE person @ E Signal and DOWNLOAD The software I need to be up and running for trading tomorrow.

    Nice knowing you.
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    I've been with Trade Station about 2 years, love 'em, don't need else. In recent times these waits have become a fact, admittedly.

    To anyone who might second guess economic venture, though, they got a huge swell in clients in last few months (I've verified it from Client Services). It's really the smart thing of them before adventing whole scads of extra help to develop carefully the feel for whether this surge in business is the real thing and going to last. When they see they've visibly moved, I'm sure they'll improve the help here and there. I find their forums about 99% of all the help I could ever need, anyway, though they're getting pretty huge--I receive about 250 forum e-mails a day.

    Their business has surged, EBO. That's not bad, re:, the product.
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    use 7.1 and TS is one of my brokers. on only one occasion did i have unreasonable difficulty with customer service. TS was embarrassed by this woman and remedied the situation immediately. sure, sometimes there is a wait. however, my contact at TS always goes out of his way to provide top notch service.
  6. I made a trade the other day (1000 shares) and noticed that it cost me $12. I thought this was odd since their commission structure advertises half price after 500 shares. I emailed about the problem and it turns out that they didn't bother to give me the new commission structure that everyone else gets. They advertised an automated change to the lowered commission then didn't give it to some people. Bastards!
  7. ...I've never had any problem getting through to TS customer service........actually I have to say their's is better than most.....I use them for my charting and analytics and some minor system development and they've always been helpful to me....just my .02 worth.

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