Tradestation/Multicharts programmer,DLL & C++ required

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  1. jaitrader


    Hi ,

    I am currently testing Multicharts and whilst there Audio alerts work with there built in indicators they dont work with an imported study.Even though accepts the wav file etc.

    I dont know if anyone can help,what I am after is audio alert when condition occurs.

    I have been kindly informed this can be done using DLL and have been very kindly provided syntax,just need to code.

    Any programmer recommendation will be very appreciated.

    Remuneration payment for programmer will be gladly provided.

    Please PM me or post on thread

    Thanks to all
  2. I don't know who said this, but they are wrong. Multicharts is a TradeStation clone. Look up the 'PLAYSOUND' EL command.
  3. jaitrader


    Hi Zgtrader,

    Many Thanks for your reply!!,will have a look into this.

    Looking at your past posts ,seems you are very well versed in easy Language.

    Hope i can figure out ,but if not,would it be possibly ok if i send you a PM,explains the exact problem.You maybe able to than suggest best way forward. Thanks again.


  4. Sure. If you need help, feel free to PM me.