TradeStation Matrix vs. Other DOMs??

Discussion in 'Retail Brokers' started by trader_joe123, Jun 3, 2008.

  1. I currently use TradeStation 8.3 and its matrix seems simply the best.

    I want to switch to NinjaTrader or QuoteTrader.... to use with my new IB account.

    The problem is that TS matrix seems really slick and the other DOM (like NT superDOM or QuoteTrader DOM).... dont seem to have the "slick" features I am looking for.

    Can anybody please help me find an identical DOM to TradeStation's matrix? I would be very grateful.

    Here is what I like/need in another DOM... for it satisfy my trading needs like the TradeStation matrix:

    1) memory box that remembers recent order sizes

    2) A "P" button like on matrix that selects your entire position size

    3) A profit/loss column that shows profit relative to the average price of your position

    4) Ability to click and drag order entries to set them at a new price

    5) Scrollable DOM..... that is why even NT static DOM doesn't seem that good

    6) Ability to use mouse wheel to increase quantity

    Here is screenshot of my TradeStation matrix for reference....
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    Openecry DOM is not only better than TS Matrix but you can trade almost any liquid future contract out there. awesome stuff