Tradestation Lowers Commissions!

Discussion in 'Retail Brokers' started by nitro, Sep 25, 2003.

  1. nitro


    TRAD getting hammered, but this is a good decision and they are now where they need to be - head to head with IB.

    The question now becomes, is TRAD a bargain here, or is it terminal? KMART (KM) tried to get into a price war with WMT and it lost.

    Is this too little too late?

  2. nitro



    It does not include SEC or NFA fees!

    I belive it is still worse than IB then.

  3. mktman


    At least the cs reps speak and understand english.
    That in itself worth a little more.

  4. Ebo


    That's when they pick up the phones at TS!
  5. Is it a fair comparison? The TS platform is the main attraction, not the commissions.
  6. I still think you do better with a flat rate commission (like $8 a trade) even if you have to pay ECN fees. Of course that is only because my smallest trade is 2000 shares and usually I trade 3000 or more shares. The larger the share amount the less attractive per share commissions become.
  7. ddog


    NFA fee is 2 cents per side for TS. What is IB's NFA fee?
  8. Ebo


    These .02 really add up!

    I am gonna buy my own GLOBEX terminal.
    Anyone wanna split one?
  9. mktman


    TRAD head to head with IB?
    Where they need to be?

    There isnt any comparison if you consider platforms.
    TS far superior.

    IB needs to seriously upgrade there and get out of the ancient times to get head to head with TS in that aspect.


  10. H2O


    I would consider trying out TS if only did allowed me to open a EURO based acct .If possible one that I can trade all products from (Like IB's Universal) and that's SIPC insurance.
    #10     Sep 25, 2003