TradeStation Latency

Discussion in 'Retail Brokers' started by Surdo, Oct 6, 2008.

  1. Surdo


    Has anybody else noticed TradeStation matrix lags other quote vendors by 2-3 seconds in ES or ZB when the market moves several handles?

    I tried running TradeStation on a dedicated line with a superfast machine and it still clogs up.

    It is impossible to execute short term trades on this child's toy of a platform.
  2. pismo10


    I have IB on one machine and TS on the other. 99% of the time the ES DOM matches right on.
  3. TraDaToR


    With an incredible amount of missing sizes from TS...
  4. Tums


    what do you expect on a day like today???
  5. Surdo


    It's inexcusable that a firm with the resources and number of accounts such as TS, can't get their act together.

    An occasional burp or freeze is naturally expected on ANY platform on a day with such volatility.

    TS is a memory hog and won't even function on a 3 GIG machine on a T3 line.

    I give up!
  6. JockTrade


    Yes. Agreed. Latency, lockups, data outages have been horrific for this place. I used to get help from a guy who is no longer there and now I'm just frustrated since nobody seems to want to work through the issue. I opened a smaller account at IB that is okay so far. Also looking at others.
  7. I mean absolutely no disrespect but only an amateur would trade off Tradestation live feed.

    It's appropriate for:

    Swing Traders
    Late night analysis
    Backtesting (Debatable)

    Anything else you are without insurance.

  8. JockTrade


    agree. closed my accounts completely. testing IB, infinity and velocity. we'll see. tradestation is just horrible and i cant see how they even stay in business other than the fact that all these customers are brainwashed. the client servce and support divisions are horrendous again. who do you trade with?
  9. They have been having problems lately. There is a new build out. Not sure if it does anything about lagging data. My sense is that all retail data vendors are having issues now with the volatility and volume.

  10. do not insult amateurs.... ONLY a fool would trade off of tradestation data feed.............
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