Tradestation just lost a fan

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  1. As I've had good reports on TS before, I feel the need to report todays trouble. I've been on hold for 27 minutes to the futures desk to find out if I'm in an order or not as their CME connection is out. THis is ridiculous! I've been able to offset some potential loss but I don't even know if I'm in an order. This is why I left IB, unable to get to someone when there was an immediate need. CRAP
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    You should have probably called the TradeStation Futures Trading Desk for an intelligent response!

    I have a second futures account for these situations.
  3. I'm on hold for 40 minutes now to the futures trade desk. I have back up and have done trades. But I still have no idea whether I'm in a trade or not on TS which is bullcrap.
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    I pmed you!
  5. Nothing has come through as of yet if you pm'd.
  6. Lol as I typed that it came through. Thanks, Am on hold at that number, and will follow up with the other, Make it 52 minutes on hold now, This is now longer than any hold time I had at IB.
  7. I've been having trouble sending orders in the NQ on Tradestation. The server says it is unable to dispatch order.

    I wish I knew what that means. Damn frustrating.
  8. My apologies to Interactive Brokers for past complaints. I NEVER had to wait on hold over 30 minutes, and I am now on hold for 1 hour 15 minutes with Tradestation.
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    crazy. I'm on the verge of opening an account there.
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    I do not understand that TS has such problems again and again. It is frustrating. And they wanna be Broker No.1?
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