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Discussion in 'Strategy Building' started by AllenTrader, Apr 13, 2004.

  1. I've built a number of profitable trading strategies using Excel and would like to find a much easier and robust means by which to test additional trading strategies and eventually trade them automatically.

    TradeStation seems to have what I'm looking for both in terms of backtesting, "customizability", and eventual automated trading. I've had a few "this seems too good to be true" thoughts....

    Can their platform easily trade multiple strategies across multiple markets within seperate portfolios? Are there any Hedge Fund Managers out there in the membership using this service? Likes, dislikes, alternatives?
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    Been using tradestation thru many versions and feel competent to answer your questions regarding it ..... Fire away if u have specific questions
  3. Are you running the latest version? (not 8.0)?
  4. If so, ...some specific questions:

    1) Can the system automatically and simultaneously manage multiple portfolios comprised of multiple markets with each market trading multiple strategies?

    2) It unclear to me if one needed to establish additional subscription services for each account. Can one have multiple accounts with one subscription?

    For starters...Thanks!
  5. 3) Do you allow the system to trade automatically?

    If yes, through TradeStation, or other? If other, who do you use for your prime? I talked with Ffasttrade and they are running a beta test at the moment with a select number of traders.
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    I am fairly sure you can have multiple accounts within one platform. There is a function on the "TradeManager" called Allocations. They give a phone number to Institutional Sales:
    1-800-579-7616. It mentions the ability to allocate across multiple accounts within the platform.

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    Im using Version: 7.2 (Build 1563)
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    The system will automatically generate trades along w/ subsequent orders such as Take Profit /Stops etc as well as trailing stops. Also, each strategy is based off a chart so multiple strategies shudnt b a problem if Im understanding ur question correctly.

    Im not sure I understand Q #2 Do you mean if your trading say a NQ or SP account and you want 2 establish say a DAX or Euro portfolio that wud b a sub account or go into a different account ?
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    I run curently a Multi Day FX Strategy that I let run automatically for times up 2 a month or two (think the longest single posi I have had has been 6 weeks) but shrt answer is Yes I let it run automatically. I have had no problems to date. Further for a long time I ran an intraday SP NQ portfolio which generated a number of trades throughout the day w/ very few problems (none that I can recall off the top of my head so I cant imagine they were 2 big) But slippage gonna b a problem whenever and it depends ont he particular strat ur running.
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