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  1. I just got TradeStation and am experiencing a problem: I cannot get the real open on 1 minute charts! It starts out at 9:31 and not 9:30! What gives?

    For example, if you pull a one minute chart of CECO today, they say the open is 43.60, when it really is 43.79 (this number is verified if you put up a daily chart of CECO on Tradestation itself). Why is the real open available on the daily and not on 1 minute data?

    Even more disturbing, I just called up customer service and was fumed by their dumb-a*s answer: "It has always been like that. We never had 9:30 bars." WHHHHHHHY wouldn't you have it? It's only SUCH an important price!

    I left a message to the head of "data integrity" (ROFLMAO) and am waiting for an insightful reply.

    Anyone dealt with this sh*t before?
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    Does not the 1st 1 min. bar close at 9:31 lasting from 9:30 to 9:31?
  3. The 1 MIN (9:31) bar "opens at 43.60" which in reality is the second bar of today's trading day.
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    If that aspect of TS disturbs you so much why are you still with them?

  6. First of all, I didn't lose nothing on CECO today. In fact, I made a good amount of money on it today. However, that is not the point. the point is, I want to do some backtests on it, and the proper data is needed.

    What ticks me off is that Tradestation heralds itself as the premier back-testing program, when it cannot even do a simple task! This analogy should clarify my annoyance with them: Before learning calculus, it is expected that you have mastered arithmetic, right?

    BTW, I just got Tradestation yesterday and today is my first time tinkering with it.
  7. Speaking of annoying, why don't you take your useless and absolutely pathetic comments somewhere else? I am looking for some constructive advice on this technical issue, not some bs quip that obviously you had to use your full brain capacity to answer.
  8. We all know that Algebra is prior to Calc, but having correct data is Arithmetic IMHO. Yahoo! has the right quotes, and they dont' charge.
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    Your first day of tinkering with it.?Geez.

    And your this disgusted with TS.

    I guess you know it all.


    Yes for you TS wont work.
    Its obvious.
    Get out and find something else.
    Try it too for 1 day.

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    Tradestation 2000 notes a bar time at the end of the bar, most other vendors use the beginning, see if you have a 4:00pm bar at the end of the day. If you are using TS7 for stocks then you are getting data from S&P Comstock who in turn gets it from the exchanges. Same data as Qcharts, basically, and people have been complaining about it on the Qcharts forum for the better part of a decade nearly. There are third party software packages that you can use to get first tier data like esignal and others into TS7 at

    Good luck with trading.
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