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Discussion in 'Index Futures' started by AnomalyResearch, Jan 9, 2002.

  1. Anyone know how ( if possible) to either
    1).call an excel macro from within Tradestation Easylanguage
    to automatically place an order to IB
    2). to access ddedll.dll from the DefineFuncDLL in Easylanguage to place an order to IB ?

  2. nitro


    Yes, it is possible, but not _directly_ from Easy Language. You will have to write a DLL which in turns calls IBD.

    I have tried some of this and have had some success with automating _JUST_ Excel through DDE. However, I do not currently understand much about the Excel<-->TWS DDE interface, and i have not tried to make it work.

    If someone is interested in sending me C/C++ example code that talks to TWS through DDE, I will tie it to the Easy Language stuff, document it, and send back the full source.

  3. is it possible to export realtime data from a program such rediplus into an excel spreadsheet with a DDE (or active X), then import into tradestation??

  4. i'm talking about tradestation 2000i - should've made that clear
  5. tntneo

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    these are actually 2 different threads.

    - DDE -> tradestation data

    - tradestation signal -> IB DDE order

    the answer to the DDE to data is : almost no provider offers this. does in a limited way and in a format not fully DDE compliant (a format Excel understands though.. but not that easy to code in a dll for tradestation to import).

    starting a third thread in the thread, I would say this : it is easier to export in ascii. and then use it in tradestation (historical not realtime of course).

    the answer to the ts signal -> DDE is yes it is possible. as explained above, it takes a DLL and it takes several string requests that IB understands. It is not complicated but certainly is only intended to C++ programmers.

  6. m_c_a98


    Meta Server RT for Windows DDE

    now you need to make sure rediplus has dde. but if you can get data into excel, this above should work.
  7. REDI+ has dde for quotes and average price, but I don't think any historical data. They've got a reasonable active-x interface for placing orders too.
  8. def

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    fyi, IB will be offering Active X integration shortly (< 1 month?) and if I understand it correctly, will make things like your request easier to implement.
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    Double. no triple YEEEEEEHAAAAAA!

    Taking any beta testers?

    :( :( :( :( :( :(