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Discussion in 'Automated Trading' started by joep, Apr 6, 2006.

  1. joep


    I wanted to know how many automated trading strategies you can run at the same time on one tradestation computer and have the computer still running efficiently. Can you run a strategy on 100 stocks at the same time? Can you also run multiple strategies on the same stock? I am looking to run many strategies at the same time but am wondering if Tradestation can handle all of that and how hard it would be to get them up and runnning every day. I was told you had to open a chart for each security. That seems somewhat cumbersome for many strategies. Thanks for any input!
  2. maxpi


    What version of tradestation? With TS2000 you can save 255 charts in a workspace with their strategies. That many charts probably won't tax your computer really. I am not sure what the chart limit is with TS8.
  3. mmillar


    Yes. There is an approximately 500 chart limit in TS8.x. It isn't a physical limitation but some kind of resource problem where TS just hangs up with around 500 charts. Whether you can get to that 500 limit depends on how resource intensive your strategies are and how powerful your PC is.

    Yes. But obviously you'll have to manage the fact that one strategy may be long and another short.

    Yes. You can also run 'strategies' from RadarScreen by issuing buy/sell signals with macros.
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    Thanks very much for the information