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  1. Hi

    I am currently trying to build a Tradingsystem with Metastock.
    This is a real pain and i am thinking of giving up because of the following problem.
    enter long: cross two moving averages

    close long:cross lower Bollinger band

    enter short:cross two moving averages

    close short:cross upper bollinger band

    Now Ms is trading all the moving average cross overs and doesnt care,if im stopped out or not.As i found out,this is impossible to program.
    So my question is.
    Is Tradestation or any other Software able to do it?
    Example:Go long or short if two moving averages cross,but only if i am flat(stopped out)

    Also.Can i use Tradestation for backtesting only-with old data,or do i need to pay monthly for quotes i dont need?

    Thank you,from Germany:)
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    Yes, you can do that with tradestation. I'm sure you probably can also code that into Metastock too? Find a Metastock user group and ask if they know the answer.
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    I have a similar dilemma:

    I am looking for end-of-day software and can't decide whether to go for Metastock EOD ($59.95 monthly fee with Reuters Datalink data feed) or Tradestation EOD subscription ($49.95).

    The wouldn't probably be difficult, but Tradestation's webpage has no information whatsoever about the EOD version's capabilities and features. Very weird actually.........

    For example does it require a separate data source as Metastock does?

    Any information about the Tradestation EOD version would be greatly appreciated.
  5. Janette Perez

    Janette Perez TradeStation Technologies

    Designed as a research tool for longer term analysis of daily, weekly and monthly trading strategies, TradeStation 6 End-of-day Research Edition includes powerful industry-standard strategy testing and monitoring features, as well as delayed equities and futures data. Charts and Quotes display delayed data during market hours.

    Here are some of the features included in the $49.95 per month:

    EasyLanguage Backwards Compatibility – enjoy full power of EasyLanguage the industry standard for describing trading strategies with easy import of your custom studies written in EasyLanguage.

    EasyLanguage Dictionary - TradeStation's EasyLanguage Dictionary includes several hundred pre-written built-in functions covering many of the most popular trading concepts and technical indicators. These include all types of Moving Averages, Stochastics, chart patterns and relative strength formulas, just to name a few. You'll just have to find what you're looking for, and then paste it into your strategy with one click.

    TradeStation Historical Data on Demand - TradeStation’s massive centralized historical database was specifically created to serve as the backbone for testing trading strategies. It includes historical price and volume information for virtually every stock and major index traded in the United States. You’ll have up to 30 years of historical daily data. To help make your simulations as realistic as possible, the data has been adjusted to take stock splits, mergers, spin-offs, acquisitions, bankruptcies, symbol changes and secondary offerings into account.

    You’ll also have access to U.S. futures markets going back as far as the early ‘70’s and all individual futures contracts are included-both current and expired. TradeStation also includes back-adjusted continuous futures contracts starting from January 1970 for daily data.

    Unmatched Charting - TradeStation lets you easily create charts for any custom time interval. To change a chart's time interval, simply type the time period and click "Enter." Not only is the chart updated, but all indicators, studies and trendlines on your chart are recalculated and redrawn automatically for you. TradeStation 6 offers you an extensive range of chart types to choose from aside from the standard bar chart. These include: Bar, Candlestick, Dot on Close, Line on Close, Point and Figure and even Percent Change charts. You'll also be able to choose from Minute, and Daily, Weekly and Monthly compressions.

    Intelligent Drawing Tools - TradeStation 6 allows you to easily measure, mark and highlight your price charts with an arsenal of intelligent drawing tools. With the ease of a drawing program, you can simply click and drag your mouse to draw, resize, move, rotate or extend Trendlines, Gann Fans, Support and Resistance lines and other objects on your chart. You'll even be able to plot space, drawing tools, and indicators to the right of your chart.

    Over 70 Built-in indicators – Plus you can describe almost any custom indicator from scratch. Once added, it becomes part of your library and you can easily apply it to any chart. And since all indicators in the library are written in EasyLanguage, you can easily modify them as well. This makes the number and variety of indicators you can create virtually unlimited.

    22 Built-in ShowMe™ Studies

    17 Built-in PaintBar™ Studies

    Streaming News - Keep on top of the news with in-depth coverage from over 45 leading sources. TradeStation's News window gives you full-text news stories gathered from over 45 of the most respected sources, including Business Wire, PR Newswire, Internet Wire and the Knight Ridder/Tribune News Service, allowing you to follow events that may influence stock prices and movements—as compiled and published by the news service provider.

    Mouse over any symbol in the story text, and our ActiveQuotes™ Tool Tips feature will give you up-to-the-second quotes such as last price and net changes for that symbol— without having to open another window. A powerful search feature allows you to search for the news that matters to you most by symbol, keywords (such as "mergers"), or logical expressions (such as "analysts ratings"). It even allows you to set alerts on you searches.

    Ranking Lists - Ranking show you which stocks are making big moves with just a glance at your screen. Using this window, you're able to view the stocks that have experienced the greatest volume or price spikes—with updates every 30 seconds. You'll be able to follow up-to-the-minute ranked lists for Nasdaq, AMEX and NYSE stocks, revealing the most active stocks and highest gainers or losers.

    To customize your window, you can add over 15 columns, view the highest and lowest price gains in percentage or dollar terms, and view volume increases by either trades or dollars.