Tradestation having bad issues this AM

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by EliteEd, Jun 25, 2008.

  1. EliteEd


    Bad TS server problems this morning for me. First, could not log on....then.....had a severe lag in futures data for the NQ. Lagged my IB data by about 4 minutes. Could have been serious if I was trading then. Anyone else have problems?
  2. TraDaToR


    Yep, I posted it in the retail firm forum. I woke up this morning( GMT ) with positions I didn't have yesterday( for 6K losses ). I was sure to be flat yesterday at night. The tricky part was that even my statement for yesterday was false , so I was really afraid.

    Finally, I called the trade desk and they said it was a bug...:mad: but relieved
  3. HSC.1775


    I was having issues last Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday. Anyone else?
  4. EliteEd


    Only on Wednesday for me.
  5. bob5e

    bob5e Guest

    Constant data feed problems recently . . glad I don't use TS as a broker. Basically worthless!!!

    I only use Ninjatrader/Mirus Futures for data and brokerage . . no complaints. I'll never again us TS for futures . . might as well stick you member in a meat grinder. Reliability and slippage sucks!

    For stocks, I use Fidelity. For 1000 shares, it's the same $8 rate for me. Plus, TS rips you off big time with their interest rate. Read TS financial report . make $40+ million in interest earnings . . from client accts. Even paying the higher $12.95 at Fidelity, you could easily offset that difference with your interest rate earnings from Fidelity. Why trade with TS?

    Makes no sense . . TS is great for charting but not much else, providing their data feed is up . . which has been a clusterf**k recently.