Tradestation-Good or Bad?

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  1. I am looking to switch brokers, anyone have any opinions on Tradestation, good or bad.
  2. Stocks, futures, options, what?
    Autotrading, daytrading, swing trading, long term, what?
    US markets, Euro markets, what?

    I think you need to describe your needs whilst posing such a question.

    An ill-specified question will get crap answers. Guaranteed...


    My setup...
    Data - Tradestation and CQG
    Brokerage - IB (autotrading futures) and Tradestation (stocks, options).

    I'm happy with my setup.
  3. There are a lot of posts about TS; read them and then ask your questions.
  4. richie90


    My so-called Good Forever password for 2000i is invalid now the TS data server that I download nightly data from( And reaching and speaking to someone at TS to rectify the password problem next to impossible. I have been calling them since Friday, I left messages on there voicemail ...but Ihave not receive any return calls.
    Any suggestions on how to get my problems resolved?

  5. TS is a great platform for backtesting and chart analysis. If you aren't trading huge size in futures, their execution is good as well.
    However, talking to a human is often time consuming. If you trade x volume, they may assign you a personal rep who will field calls much faster than the standard support line.
    All in all, I think they are the best in the biz for system trading. I have to admit, though, I have never fully automated a strategy, I tend to execute on my own once a system fires.

    My two cents.
  6. Tradestation is the best imo for charting.

    Order entry for scalping leaves a lot to be desired however.

    For everything else... it rocks!!
  7. Q-Arb-ler


    Depends on what you're looking for. They are a good midline one stop service if you are technical analysis oriented. For $100 plus data fees, you get data, charting and backtesting comparable to any retail product. IB is cheaper and generally comparable, but IB's charting and TA tools are not comparable.

    If you are hardcore, you will come to realize their data (as well as all retail feeds) is overly filtered and inadequate, their backtesting (as well as all retail programs) is a joke for high frequency trading, and that the tools are simply not up to the task. Most disappointing is the pathetic link to excel. Why they cannot open the platform for excel except in the most convoluted and lmited way is beyond me.

    That said, if you are hardcore, the price for hardcore service providers is thru the roof.
  8. JetFuel


    Who would you put in the hardcore class?

    Which providers are adequate for high frequency backtesting?
  9. patoo


    Yes, the Excel interface sucks but who needs it to make money?!

    for cme electronic futures trades ts is perfect

    its strong points are
    back testing

    trade execution is ok
    I have yet to miss my anticipated price based on cme's bid/ask

    what else do you want?

    ...with a few minor issues
    have a strong computer this is no little program
    try not to talk to humans
    Stay outta the short time frames (1 minute or less)
  10. I have used pretty much them all and I use Tradestation because it does everything ok, albeit, nothing great.

    I am looking into Neovest first alert. I am intrigued by their intraday scanning.

    Neovest is about $300 bucks per month which includes feed and exchange fees.

    If anyone here has used Neovest I would like to hear how they like it.


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