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  1. TradeStation's spot currency data feed provided by GFT went down at approximately 10:36 AM EST on 060905 right in the middle of Fed Chairman Alan Greenspan's testimony. As of 11:20 AM EST, the feed is still down with no ETA.

    RE GFT, not sure to what extent their electronic/telephone dealing went down. I am sure it is just a coincidence that this happened at this time. Would like to hear...

    This is a special note to everyone who provides traders/investors with technical services/data/software in the year 2005. It is the year 2005, so figure it out - go to your accounting department because the fees and billing always works.
  2. TradeStation - GFT feed is still down 11:53 AM EST - GFT "censored, we missed our hedge! we are losing size --- ughhh we have a technical problem, yeah that's it, a technical problem. ok we will make the problem last a long time so that it looks really serious, yeah that's it...

    Sound familiar?
  3. BTW, I called GFT and I directly informed them that I am posting this information.

    I was told that their telephone dealing has been available the entire time.

    If it is within their firm policy, I would love to see a response....

    12:02 AM EST and still counting
  4. TradeStation - GFT feed is down again as of 21:31 EST.

    Un &%(@ believable - My understanding is that this is a planned outage to ensure that their systems are in order as a follow up to today's 3 hour outage... At least I give GFT credit for providing that information as I called them directly. However, what is unbelievable to me, is that they feel that the market is not volatile at this time - so it is a good time to shut down...
  5. TradeStation - GFT feed is back up again as of 22:04 EST.

    These organizations preach technical trading and strategy testing and automated trading and their service is 1 deep. I am only posting this to benefit others who currently trade with them or get data/charts from them. If I traded with either firm I would be furious. I only receive charts from TradeStation at this time. It is not my only quote source, it is not my only chart source, but it is the charting package that I do all my analysis on...

    Also, these firms do not provide the data after the fact on any time frame which might have been state of the art in the 80's.
  6. Hello.

    I used Tradestation with GFT feed for over 1.5 years. Had no end to problems with them. Bottom line for me was tradestation was not taking any responsibility for the problems with their offering. To make matters worse, they just didn't seem to cater to their FX clients. Now when this happened to their futures clients with a CME outage for part of a morning you should have seen how fast they moved....

    ____ Bottom line, tradestation cares little about their FX client base and does not understand the concept of customer retention.

    Good luck to you.

  7. FWIW the feed was very spotty in EURUSD and GBPUSD post US Current Account data on Friday. Also GBPUSD was not feeding from 0946-0954 AM EST right before the US University of Michigan Confidence data. This was a lot of fun to manage...

    Of note, I have found the quotes to be getting a bit hotter than usual. That is they show markets off/more extended than several dealers. This can be quite distracting when it is completely off (more often than not). Just today, GBPUSD was 10 pips off the market in a slow market - it leads one to believe a movement is ensuing when further price movement reveals that it was just their market being off.

    I would like to hear from those that actually trade with GFT what they think. Maybe there are some arb opp's with them.

    Also, does anyone have a suggested alternative to TradeStation? It might be time to switch out to another charting package. Data integrity/quality is of higher concern than 1 billion indicators... thanks