TradeStation - GAIN/GFT

Discussion in 'Forex Brokers' started by theblueeyedpapi, Jan 19, 2007.

  1. So, I'm a beginner in forex trading. Never actually traded. I've been using TradeStation for stock options and stocks. I wanted to test forex out a little over a year ago and TradeStation was using GFT as their source at the time. I tried some strategies for EURUSD and mainly I was in the red for the month. I didn't touch forex until about two months ago and tested the same strategies on the same symbol EURUSD. I've been in the green pretty much the whole time. So, my question is, since TradeStation is now using GAIN could there be any thing from the data provider standpoint that could affect the plus or minus? Basically, with the data itself, GAIN verses GFT could there be any significant difference to factor in?
  2. Tty StrategyRunner is has a TS integration with GFT so you can auto-trade your systems

    Regarding Performance It really depends how frequent is you trading style, if you are trying to scalp a few ticks then it is possible that the feed difference will have an impact
    if you are less active ( a few trades a day) and trying to make on average 20+ Ticks on a trade then I dont think that a different feed (l think that a 2-3 pip difference shouldn't make to much of a difference (probably it will even out for better and worse )