Tradestation FX feed still down after 1 hour

Discussion in 'Retail Brokers' started by tacmot, Nov 6, 2006.

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    Tradestation FX feed is still down after one hour...not good if you want to put trades on and are waiting from a signal from your strategy
  2. TradeStation - WTF is up with you pieces of %$#@. In the last 2 trading weeks you have had 2 full on US equity data outages and now a spot currency data outage. For all you rocket quants that still work at that firm, that is 3 major outages in 3 weeks.


    TradeStation - "The Leader in Rule Based Trading" more like TradeStation = "Pieces of %$#@ that have never risked $00.01 USD in any market that think they offer something related to financial markets"
  3. Canes, may Larry Coker inherit 1 yard and move to Aruba. Now to business. Tradestation as y'all know is an IB for Gain. Now my understanding is that both MB trading and Interactive brokers are compatible with Tickquest Neoticker. It is a much better platform in this reptiles opinion, and I guarantee you the customer service is 100% better.

    The Ever Trading On CX Using Neoticker VIPER
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    Tradestation sucks!!!

    I sent them a 3rd party check inadvertently to start a Forex account and they said they were sending it back to me by next-day Fed Ex delivery since they couldn't accept 3rd party checks.

    That's fine, but when you tell me that you're going to send it back to me by overnight Fed Ex then I expect it the next day.

    Its been 2 weeks now and I still haven't gotten my check back.

    I guess they're trying to hold my money so I will send them another check. bastards!!!

    I'm cancelling my data service with them starting today.

    so long Tradestation.........
  5. Also, Pieces of %$#@, please have the balls to use the TradeStation Message Center for what its primary purpose should be. To convey when the system is having technical problems - not to sell tickets to your conferences and "training". "Training"? @#% you guys!
  6. You sure it isnt IB thats down, we never hear of anyone else that has problems

    Check again.
  7. Surdo


    I am on the East Coast and have no Fx or futures data problems.
    Did you try switching servers?

    Is the computer plugged in?