Tradestation Frozen

Discussion in 'Strategy Building' started by Avid_Consumer, May 16, 2005.

  1. anyone else experiencing all charts frozen in TS since about 5 mins ago?
  2. mktman


  3. r-in


    Same here at 43 minutes after the hour.
  4. gekko


    Same here
  5. jmk


    no more updating since :43
  6. oufti


    same here in Europe....


    That is ridiculous! I just got a message "Data is currently unavailable" What kind of bullshit is it?!
  8. telozo


    Got the same message, but the html page didn't load. Not that it matters anymore.
  9. Apparently order execution remained up.....I got out at 3:58. ER2 data came back when I re-logged on.

    Oh boy........! This is a good lesson in automated trading. Good thing I was nearby today as I was long quite a few.
  10. Shame on you TradeStation! You would hope that they would learn their lesson and spend a little less on marketing and a little more on infrastructure...

    There's a prime reason that stops that are part of an automated system should not be held locally. I wonder why manually entered stops get sent to TS but not stops generated by a strategy?
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