TradeStation--frozen quotes?

Discussion in 'Retail Brokers' started by Toonces, May 30, 2006.

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    Was anyone else having problems with frozen quotes at TradeStation today?
  2. Toonces,

    Sounds like typical TradeStation. I was online with a couple of other traders this morning....and one of them had their TradeStation freeze....and she had to re-boot her computer.

    TradeStation will never fix this....been going on for years. And that is just one reason of many....why I will only use their charts....and not trade with them.

    Also....with one of the traders charts....set-up....exactly like mine....the Candles were different. Finally got that fixed....corrupted Cache file.

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    I'm not a TS defender as I have posted plenty of "whats going on now" about TS. I have to say though today my quotes and charts ran fine all day. I have candles on my minute charts, but no one to compare to , but they seemed fine here also.
  4. i started with ts 2 months ago and there data is always screwed up. thgis am the emin's down 6 or 7 and it shows down 2 or something. it's done that a ton latley. also there line quotes are always wrong were there matrix ones are right. i only use for the the graphs as i'd never trade with them. i've been with ib 5 years and there quotes are incredible.
  5. Can you try the same with tick bars? TS has serious performance problems the way it (re)constructs tick/volume intraday bars. In addition if some indicators are set to recalculate on every tick for a part of the time-series (for or while loop in EL, accessing values in the past) can hog the CPU (i.e. RWI).

    Now do this with a few desktops/workspaces and some decent tick history and TS shits itself.

    Don't get me wrong, I'd prefer to use TS and get rid of CQG, but until these issues are addressed...

    If anything, the newer versions of TS are simply getting slower. Slower to start up, and it craps out in a fast moving market.

    I believe the Time&Sales thread is a higher priority thread, hence I reckon you'll see the tape going berserk, but no update on the charts for a few seconds - then BLAMMO!!! The chart catches up.

    Of course, these issues appear to be exacerbated if one is using non-time bars (tick or volume bars).

    Of course, being TS this will never be fixed. Go on TS - SURPRISE me!
  6. An example from a couple of minutes ago...

    Note TS is maxing CPU (running on a laptop to illustrate the point - 1.7Ghz Centrino, 2GB Ram.)

    T&S is up to date - confirmed with CQG, Chart is lagging.
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    I usually have pretty good quotes through TS. I trade stocks, so maybe the equities data is better than futures. Yesterday was kind of unusual for stuck quotes.
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    I have had problems with TS, so again not necessarily defending, just the last couple days it has worked good here. During the minutes release it lagged a couple times for a second or two compared to trade platform, but otherwise it kept up. That has been unusual for me, as in the past on big reports, volume spikes it noticeably lagged for up to a minute at a time. I have 4 wksps open, 1 has a 1 min. chart of prem and 4 tick charts, 2nd has 4 tick charts, 3rd has a 1 min and 3 min chart, 4th has 1 and 3 min. charts with another 1 min of prem.. I also have numerous indicators on the charts(most of which I realized along time ago I don't even pay attention to, but leave on anyway).
    I get it open from the time I hit enter from logon screen to all charts loaded in ~1 min 20 secs last time I checked. I have a P4 2.8Ghz with 1.5 Gig RAM, so nothing spectacular.
    I would prefer CQG myself, but so far I can't say the data feed from TS has cost me the equivalent of the cost of CQG. SO FAR!
  9. Whew.... And I was just about to send TS a nice big fat check...

    Thank goodness this thread appeared and woke me back up...:p
  10. Depends what you want to do with it. You might need one of nitro's Quad-Opteron machines to run TS the way it is going! :confused:
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