Tradestation freezing?

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by LJT, Mar 26, 2007.

  1. LJT


    Hey guys, i have been having problems with tradestation freezing on me whenever lots of volume kicks into the markets (when news comes out). was hoping you guys could help me figure out what it is. here are my system specs:

    athlon 64
    1gb ram
    geforce fx 5200 pr 5700 (cant remember which it is)

    I use only 1 monitor, with about 5 or so charts (not very many). I have heard adding up to 4 gb ram would alleviate this. But i also have heard from people with 4 gb ram that tradestation still freezes at times. I am looking at getting a new computer from Dell also. Any suggestions or comments would be helpful. Thanks

  2. Surdo


    It's been "sticky" all day, clear out the cache, that might help.
    Better yet, switch to eSIGNAL!

  3. maxpi


    It screws up on me if I open IE7 while it's running, had to reboot a couple times today. I have a multithreading processor and a gig of RAM. I'm not doing that much with TS either, running just one chart.

    I really don't recommend Dell. They load so much unnecessary stuff on those machines. I used the Dell disk to reinstall the os on a Dell last week. It told me I would not lose the files, etc. It took it all the way back to square one, everything gone.

    Better to get a computer bundled with everything you want in it, get a real Microsoft OS disk and get Norton Backup and Restore. Never uninstall software, instead force a backup point before installing it and restore the whole drive rather than uninstall. Get a Cisco hardware firewall too. If you do all that you will have exactly the computer you want and you will never have the hassles most people have. Twenty hours on the Dell hotline was what it took to get the horked up thing working, a restore with Norton takes about 5 mins.
  4. I have the same problem since i bought a Dell Dual Core Computer. The esignal connection to my GlobalServer freezes when volume gets high. I use TS2000i and esignal. I have no clue yet why the GlobalServer freezes but i will monitor and will post here when i find out more.
  5. LJT


    I have heard mixed reviews of both e-signal and TS, but i am already accustomed to TS so i will stick with that.

    Maxpi, where would you recomend i purchase my computer if not from dell? Thanks.

  6. E signal is not multi threaded so I don't believe you get an benefit to having dual core with Esignal. Esignal locks up on high volume because it is not multi thread. The issue with TS and IE7 I have heard of before from ppl who use that combo.
  7. I agree with alot of what you are saying , but there are ways to handle it. I just bought a new Dell, with Vista, used active kill disk, wiped Vista, reinstalled XP Pro with my Dell XP Pro disk and it 's a fresh install. I confirmed there were Dell drivers for XP before I did this. Their Punjabi support line isn't the best, I love it when they tell me their name is Richard, yea right! :p

    Now I paid $460 for dual core AMD 64 x2 2.0ghz. That same set up from Trading computers dot com would have been twice the cost and they don't have 24/7 tech support like Dell does. I agree with the cloning/ghosting suggestion. I need to do that. I will prob. use Acronis.

    2 days ago I was dowloading a newer Dell bios and lost power, f*cked, brand new computer won't start now. Today the tech is coming today to replace MOBO. So I think overall their support is pretty decent, you get what you pay for, we all know that.
  8. I have exactly the same computer you describe right down to the FX 5200 graphics card. I also have IE7 and normally trade with 8-10 charts open on two different platforms.

    TS doesn't "freeze" on my computer when news lands...worst case I get a bit of lag for a second followed by a burst of bars...I think this is just a remote electronic trading problem and not something I could totally eliminate by modifying hardware or going to a different platform.

    If you use this computer to surf the web as well as trade, clearing the temporary internet files regularly could be a big help.

    I have learned the advantages of having a trading computer that gets used for trading ONLY. I don't even check my email with the "trading computer" never mind surfing the web when the market is slow.

    The only programs it has other than what the computer came pre-loaded with is TradeStation and Multi-Charts.

    This has worked well for me and I have none of the problems I hear described elsewhere by some TS users.

    If this appeals to you, you might consider doing a restore to get rid of any junk, load TS again, and make this particular machine a trading only computer.

  9. LJT


    Thanks for the suggestions everyone, they have been helpful.

  10. maxpi


    You would have to find a computer bundler near you probably. We have a place called Superior Electronics, they seem to be a chain but I don't know what geographical area they cover.

    I can say from experience that having a real OS disk and Norton Ghost or Norton Backup and Restore is the only way to go. I was depending on the XP restore facility and it did not work when I needed it and the headaches I had with the OS disks supplied with Dells and my VPR Matrix machine made it abundantly clear that something was wrong with that whole picture.
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