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  1. Hi, Looking for TradeStation fees, it looks like 10 roundturns of a futures contracts waives the $300 or so monthly fee. 10 roundturns ends upbeing something around $60 or so depending on what contract you are trading.

    Their brokerage rates look competitive to me. No idea about the reliability or service as I have only used TS as a charting service in the past, but these rates seem fairly competitive with other retail futures brokerages.

    Am I missing something?

    Thank you.
  2. Nope, that's right.
  3. I was interested in setting up a Tradestation account so I could learn to program some automated trading. The high fees scared me too. Then I thought the same thing, all I have to do is make 10 round turns a month to avoid the monthly fees. Perhaps I could find a trade signal service that I could follow. I wouldn't hold out much hope for a trade signal service but all I need is something that would at least break even over 10 trades.
  4. While you're trying to break even you may lose $1000.

    Like the sucker that bets $50 to show on a sure thing for coffee money.

    Expensive Java when it runs out of the money

  5. If you have an account and don't complete 10 round trips, its only $100.
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    I saw a similar thread on TradersLab. Some guy was trying to figure out a way to scratch break-even trades during after hours trading so he wouldn't have to pay for TS.

    Unbelievable to me that people consider such antics. One wrong "guess" during after hours and the attempted break even trade loses hundreds, maybe more. Either trade the 10 round turns per month or pay the $99 platform fee.
  7. I believe it is $300 if you just use them for charting, and $99 if you are a brokerage client but do not meet the minimum trade requirements.

    Plus about $450 in data feeds (if you are a professional) which they say are "optional" feeds, but any serious trader should have them in my opinion.

    My current setup costs me over $1,000 per month in software/data/etc. Throw on commissions on top of that. Trying to make things a little more efficient.

    I don't suppose volume covers the data cost?
  8. I agree and appreciate the warning but I was hoping for a different reply. Something like, try Easy Ed's Emini Trading Signals, he won't make you rich, but you won't lose any money either. Or try the one hour breakout trading method, you won't get rich but you'll get your ten trades in.