Tradestation for scalping Nasdaq stocks

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    Wow, just ran stumbled onto this forum when attempting to research Tradestation as a potential platform for scalping. Amazing resource, kudos to all that share info here!

    A search here on EliteTrader finds a few recent posts about Tradestation futures data delays, and a few much older posts about Tradestation data delays in general.

    I have been daytrading the ES for a while using eSignal for charting and Infinity for execution, but I am working on a Nasdaq scalping system that I finally want to get real with.

    I have demo'd a few platforms, Genesis Laser, DAS Trader, IB TWS and even CyberTraderPro, and while there are some strong points, there are some limitations or negative recommendations that keep me from pulling the trigger on each.

    Tradestation seems appealing because of ability to scan setups with Radarscan, possibly automate my entries and a couple of other nice features they have. But if the data is regularly unreliable, then it obviously isn't going to workout for momentum scalping. However, probably like many of you, I have had occasional, but infrequent problems with data from just about every provider I have ever used (maybe its more of a prob off the CME) so I am just trying to figure out if there is a real problem here with these guys.

    So my question: Is anyone out there effectively using Tradestation to scalp Nasdaq stocks? Or are there regular delay problems with their Nasdaq data?

    And I would certainly appreciate any other recommendations from any experienced Nasdaq scalpers that care to comment on which platform they have found most effective for this type of trading.

    A big thanks in advance from a humble new poster.

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    Anyone around who may have recent experience scalping using TS?


  3. You should checkout regarding version 8.1, their latest and how extremely slow it is especially radar screen.