Tradestation for equities?

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    I like the tradestation software. So in order to use the software, I am transfering my equities account to Tradestation.

    Does anyone have some recent experience with Tradestation for trading stocks. Are stocks easy to short and readily available?
    I understand that they clear thier own equities trades now. How has that transition affect your trading.

    Much appreciated.
  2. I've found their short inventory far below what is was when they cleared through BSC years ago. I and associates/friends of mine have experienced numerous platform freeze-ups, and outages lately.

    Their charts are great when the platform isn't frozen during busy periods. Used to get one or two outages a year with them-- now 9 in the last two months! They're not what they were.

    The trade desk managers are punks and will tell you everything is your fault. Or you'll get their token brush off "send an email and the issue will be researched-" and you'll have to hound them for the next two months for an answer as I had to.

    I'm now looking at LightSpeed Financial and Genesis for stocks.

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    I usually use End-of-day trading. But I love Easy Language. I will see how they do for a while. I really love thier software bar none.

    I actually use thier software for futures and trade with RCG. I just pay the 99/month for the software subscription. I also, love the matrix order entry. That is what I use for futures with RCG as well.
  4. We just applied for an account with Tradestation two weeks ago as a backup. Holy smokes are these guys arrogant or what. It gave us such a bad taste that we might not even fund the account.

    I noticed that the reviews on tradestation are not very current.
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    The trade desk can be hard to deal with. Last time I used them for futures. However, Every single person I talked too recently has been amazingly helpful. That is why I came back to them for equities. I hope it works out.
  6. Sure, the first line of trade desk employees are very nice-- but wait until you have a serious problem where they cost you thousands of dollars and you have to talk to one of the punk trade desk managers... :D You were warned.

    Was told from a TS employee that they keep their sales reps locked away, isolated from the management so they don't bug management with customer's complaints.

  7. Tradestation is like beating a Dead Horse. The most Obsolete platform on the market including the charts toooo and the brothers...

    Do yourself a favor and stay away from them. With so many better choices why go with this abusive firm?

    If you have to go retail, hey even the IB+Ninja deal is better than this BS.
  8. Yes, I have not researched Ninjascript in depth, but it could be an Easy Language replacement. Thinkorswim's super-reliable platform unfortunately has a very weak scripting language that is only about 20% of the power of Easy Language.
    Your other alternative is to purchase Multicharts which has Easy Language compatibility.
  9. We have not used tradestation yet and after the shitty experience before we even started i doubt we will. However, how come it has barrons nr.1 rating?
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