Tradestation Fibonacci (Logarithmic Problems)

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  1. Does anyone who uses tradestation know a workaround to their problems with logarithmic scaling? Turning on logarithmic scaling and doing Fibonacci retracements simply outputs the same numbers as charts scaled linearly.

    I checked TS forums and they don't seem to have a solution for this. Is there an add on perhaps or a witty fix I havn't thought of?

    Thank you..
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    In the very small chance that you are not a troll and are actually asking this question, I'll bite.

    Fib retrace is based on percentage moves in price. A given percentage of any number will be the same amount regardless of what scale you use, log or linear.
    Ex: Why would you expect 50% of any number be different just because you used a different scale? :confused:
  3. I believe he is talking about something else. It is clear you did not understand the question.

    He is doing fibs, in linear graphing of price it will do absolute distance. In log it does relative distance. With this said, I am sure his fibs do absolute regardless and that it his problem. How to get relative distance, not absolute.

    Again, you did not answer the question, good thing it was not final jeopardy
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    I don't know about tradestation, but this problem is not unique to that platform. Every charting package I use behaves this way. Those who are skeptical of fibs altogether will likely find this whole discussion ridiculous, but the issue of linear vs. log fib grids is very important. One way works - the other way doesn't.

    The fib grid should scale independently of price. Fibs are not about prices, they're about proportion. The fib grid should always be linear, while the price scale to which it is applied should be log. A fib grid that is log scaled is meaningless.

    I get this to work for me by cutting, pasting and fitting my own fib grid to screen shots of charts. Clunky, I will admit, but it solves the problem for me.

    I'm guessing that most software developers have not addressed this
    because they simply are not aware of it. (I'm guessing that fib skeptics are
    not aware of it, either.)
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    because 1 is a fib number.
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