TradeStation EasyLanguage to C# translator

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by Joel Reymont, May 25, 2007.


    EasyLanguage user functions are not translated currently and I'm still adding definitions for functions and reserved words that came after TradeStation 2000i.

    Strategies are translated to C#, to be used with NinjaTrader.

    Please let me know what you think!

    Thanks, Joel
  2. Murray Ruggiero

    Murray Ruggiero Sponsor

    What ever happened to your project ?
  3. Butterfly


    LOL !!! another ET project that never materialized :)
  4. I can translate EL but it won't run because the C# implementation of a bunch of EL functions is missing.

    I stopped there since there weren't many takers for the translator.

  5. Anyone opinions on this service? I’m assuming you’d run into major trading library problems converting from Easylanguage/Powerlanguage to C/C#.

    Not sure jumping platforms is that easy:)