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Discussion in 'Strategy Building' started by Gordon Gekko, Aug 21, 2002.

  1. i ordered tradestation today and i'm looking for common examples of how easy language is used.

    any good web sites?

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    Janette Perez TradeStation Technologies

    TradeStationWorld® is the strategy trading and development community for TradeStation® users where fellow users from around the globe, discuss trading ideas, share EasyLanguage® techniques, and more.

    To make sure you can take full advantage of the examples included in all articles and discussions, we’ve made it easy for you to download the EasyLanguage code directly into TradeStation 6. You’ll simply have to click on the download button and the Import Wizard will walk you through how to quickly import the studies in TradeStation 6 automatically. We’ve even categorized the EasyLanguage studies by types and categories in an online EasyLanguage Exchange, complete with a color-coded legend that will allow you to quickly spot the studies in which you may be interested.

    Janette Perez
    Vice President of Strategic Alliances
    TradeStation Technologies, Inc.
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    Oh, now I see... you ordered TS already. Which one, since they don't sell the 2000i anymore? Since you were asking about examples, WL comes with over 400 systems. It is a very good source to get started and some are really good.
  6. tradestation 6
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    I just moved from TS4 to WL. How is the pricing of the TS6 now, they keep changing it? I am very happy with WL right now, but of course I am interested on how things are going with TS6, keep me updated.
  8. well you can go to and check out the depends on what you want.