TradeStation easy language coding for automated trading strategy

Discussion in 'Strategy Building' started by jaclaz, Jul 29, 2005.

  1. jaclaz


    Hi all,

    As you are probably aware trading will commence at 4:30AM here on the west coast before 2006! I feel a need for sleep more than greed so I have developed this strategy.

    I have a Wealth-lab tested code for trading the CBOT mini Dow futures. It's a strategy I've been working on for a year... It's simple only one indicator and has layered entries and exits..... Trade multiple contracts peel off half after the first target is reached, no stops for daytrading, uses 20 minute bars, trends continue till reversed then new trades occur. Always in the market. Market orders only.

    If someone would be so kind and help me translate the code to TradeStation (TS) Easy Language for automated trading as I'm not a programmer.

    Please help me convert this code to TS Easy language. My account with TS will be opened on Monday to begin our testing and refinement....

  2. subhiii



    If you need help with EZ Language try to connect to our chatroom, its free no charge, plus there are many other traders who are programming and helping out others. following are the instructions to connect to the chatroom:

    Download mirc

    once installed goto the Server settings and Change the server name to "FinancialChat: Random Server" and then Connect. Once you are connected join channel #TSauto.. or you can simply type "/j TSauto" to connect to the channel. I hope it will help. "Ecn" is my nick in the channel. cya hope it will help.