TRADESTATION Easy Lang. Frustuated and need help with a simple stratey and learning.

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  1. Okay here is the deal. I got tradestation b/c I have a strategy that alerts me to stocks that are forming specific technical intraday patterns.

    No other scanner can do what I want so I went with tradestration.

    Now The online help manuals suck at EL, and they basically force u to buy the book......
    SO I did. 3 weeks later it is still stuck in the mail (3 phone calls placed), and now that edition is discontinued :confused:

    So I go online, and there are so many damn threads, that refer to over threads, which refer u to other threads, etc.. etc.

    Can someone help point me in the right direction and help with my frustuation?
    I even be willing to pay a small fee for you to code the patterns and explain a little rather than pay $50/hr to the Tradestation guys.

    So until my book comes, or if it even does, I am trying to sort it out.

    thanks in advance.
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  3. What are you looking for?
  4. In TS there are serveral ways to do the same thing. This gives flexiblity for down the road but makes it confusing at first.

    Go to a seminar of theirs. There you will learn when you have to do certain things and when you don't.

    Take the advanced seminar. I did, it was easy and I had not read any material before hand.

  5. check your PM's...
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    There are a couple of free TS books here (as well as the pay for book)...

    There are a number of tutorials here...

    If you've already posted on the TS Support Forums here...

    ...then let me know which post it is and I will see if I can help.

    The TS forums are usually very helpful although if you are asking for lots of code they can be slow.

  7. LOL.. I checked the first link and i believe the book I ordered that is "stuck in the mail" is now available online for free as of yesterday. (I noticed this b/c right after I ordered it, it said in red letters "no longer available". It just gotreplaced by the "bootcamp" book due to be released early Oct. B/c the website has been updated w/in the 2-3 last days b/c it looks diff.
    So basically I ordered a book which is now free :( Those bastards should have warned me..

    Let me download the now free stuff and hopefully that will help me out. I posted my question on teh TS forums for 2 days and know one has gotten back to me. And yes, I already did those tutorials.

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    What's your username on the TS forums or can you post a link to it. I will have a look.
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