Tradestation down?

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by r-in, Jul 4, 2005.

  1. r-in


    Anyone else try logging on to the platform today, 4th of July here? Mine seems to be hung opening workspaces. It looks like I logged on, but can't get any further.
  2. gekko


    I use the 8.1 version. Everything is fine with mine.
  3. r-in


    Yep, I used the ever magical trick of restarting the computer and its working fine. Must have been a Windows conflict of 1 kind or another.
  4. c_323_h


    im thinking about subscribing to tradestation. should i pay the $200/month subscription or deposit $5000 to open an account with them and only pay $100/mo? Thanks
  5. Skip tradestation and use something like esignal, save yourself from the headaches of tradestation usage