Tradestation DOWN for last 45 min today

Discussion in 'Retail Brokers' started by stock777, Mar 10, 2004.

  1. Continuous disconnection, still on hold after > 40 min to tech.

    Finally stable at 4:15
  2. Wow, did you try switching servers a few times. I was trading both equities and futures all day on Tradestation and wasn't disconnected once.
  3. My TS7.2 was working great today. No problems. I had a day like you describe a couple of weeks or a month or so ago. I had gotten the cache corrupted. I deleted it and it worked great. Delete your cache next time u have problems. It may solve it.

  4. Ebo


    I had no interruptions today on TS 7.2 (1536).
    I am on a Cable modem through RR.
  5. AC3


    No interuptions 7.2 1563
  6. Lot's of bad luck this week, ts goes down at a very bad time. I executed a long an unwanted buy of SPY earlier today , rare wild click of the mouse, (got out with minimum pain) , general malaise.:mad: