Tradestation -- DONE WITH THAT POS!!!

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  1. After the autotrading feature failed to exit (and reverse) my mini oil position this afternoon I'm done with them. I had already moved most of my trading elsewhere to avoid the pitfalls I've already had, but today was just unbelieveable. My exit order failed because it could not be routed (did anyone else have QM routing issues today????). Then the software just hung with a messagebox. Sure, I know they have all sorts of disclosures that say you need to monitor autotrading positions 24x7, but if that is the case why autotrade????? Software written for autotrading should be capable of autotrading without this kind of problems. :mad: :mad: :mad:
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    Lemme' guess you sold below $80 and got run out of town on the way back up and are blaming your software?

    Sell some more......these Kurdistan Workers are pikers!
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    yeah... I know the feeling. The strategies quit when they are out of synch with the market.. I can use a dll and autotrade with IB and never have to even write a strategy for one thing, I can autotrade right from an indicator that I know, trust and love, for the other thing I can poll the account info and never be "out of synch with the market" and I can go to breakfast and let the thing run too....

    reading the forums and trying to navigate the differences between indicator/strategy, intrabar order generation/end of bar order generation, etc. just killed the interest in TS for me. With the current software I can write an indicator, test it visually, debug it visually and thoroughly, then add in some dll calls and trade from the indicator, if I set the indicator to update every tick I can trade intrabar, if I set it to calculate at end of bar I can trade end of bar, very comprehensive, very thoroughly debugged, very visual in feedback, very visual in order positions, very integrated with manual trading, it doesn't get out of synch with the market and just quit on me....

    The only reason I would go with Tradestation again is if I decided to trade stocks and needed the radarscreen.. the day when my account is too big for futs is way off so I don't even think about Tradestation and I sleep better for it.. I think of TS as an end of day service with huge potential for stock screening, not intraday automation at all...
  4. Interesting. My guess is that SSB left IB for Tradestation, based on some of his complaints about IB.

    Guess the grasss wasn't greener.

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    I'm currently planning to automate a strategy and would be glad to know which software you use.

    Thank you
  6. Shorted around 79.80, the system reversed long at 80.675 but TS didn't execute my order. I only stayed with TS because it's sooo easy to automate a strategy you backtested. But it's not easy to KEEP it automated.

    I'm still with IB, also with OEC now. Still bitching about IB though .... when are they going to hire a QA team and stop breaking existing functionality each time they add a new feature????? At least I'm still using 872 (they didn't force an upgrade...yet) and my quotes aren't disappearing....
  7. tradestation is great for charting only. i am a subscriber for charting only and pay dearly as i closed my trading acct after one month of total aggravation. traded both stocks and es futures. fills were aweful ....trying to reach customer disservice always a challege in under 20 minutes... then you get to speak with a $7 per hr retard who hasnt a clue . other than that ....they are great!!!! lol! use for charting only!
  8. Is anyone happy with Tradestation executions for stocks & tradestation overall for rapid fire trading?
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    Multicharts and hyperorder. Multicharts is scheduled to release their own dll in a couple of weeks, that will be good, they will have to deal with the changes in the IB API and have more onus on them to keep it current.
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