TradeStation? Do they trade?

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    When speaking to TradStation sales reps (retail reps)I noticed
    that none of the sales reps have ever traded they don't have
    series #55 and they don't know what it means to be takin or
    hit. Whats up with that how can they sell tradestation if they
    can't even trade or if they don't have any trading past.
    WHAT UP WITH THAT!!!!!!!!
  2. Well, now they are a broker; and before they were a software developer, and next they will be ...
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    So let me get this straight.

    You think that someone that traded would take a ten dollars an hour job, helping people on software that crashes almost on a whim?

    nitro :confused:
  4. BROKE
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    Talk about a gloomy bunch.

    TS crashes on a whim?
    4 months now.
    Hasnt crashed once.
    Very stable.

    In todays ever changing market environment ANY broker could go under not just TS.

    All beware of who your using.

  6. Very funny postings.

    They are introducing broker for Bear-Stearns (equities) and Refco Lind-Waldock (futures).

    TS6 is quite reliable, no crashes so far. :D
  7. clownboy,

    IB--hands down.
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    They have always been a sales organization. They have never been a software company, until they bought Window On Wallstreet, that is.
  9. huh???
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    A bit of an exageration....

    Tradestation 6 is driven by the guts of the old Window on Wallstreet Daytrader 7. Easy language is a nice feature, but the TS products before TS6 were crash prone pigs. TS6 would not exist without the acquisition of WOW by then Omega research.
    I think that prior to the acquisition, Omega was way more focused on sales that on putting out a really viable trading product. WOW was moving forward with a programming language and a broker/dealer - looking to become what Tradestation is today. Omega headed 'em off by making the owners an offer they couldn't refuse. The programming talent at TRAD is in Richardson, Texas, not Miami.

    How do you spell exageration, exaggeration?
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