Tradestation Data gap

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  1. Yeah I would like to know since my TS8 account opens on Wednesday...
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    For the past couple of weeks I've had issues with data lag, or the Matrix lagging, but the charts would be correct. I posted to their forums and they would say they are working on it. They also had a problem with their CME connection going down and the phone system not working properly. I sat on hold for 2 hours trying to find out my position and trading in my other account to be safe. When I got through on my cell phone they told me I wasn't on hold for 2 hours, I asked if he'd like to listen to it on the phone I was still on hold on in my other hand with their message and music still playing. He hung up then . He was nice enough up to that point.
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    Funny how that always happens.
    Probably because that network status web page has all green-lights (its a bloody static picture - or at least it was!)

    Only use TS as a backup quote source. I put TS, eSignal and IQFeed all in the same low-quality/reliability class.

    Unfotunately, if you require greater reliability/quality, you'll have to pay a considerably greater monthly fee for it.
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  4. Equalizer,

    Where can I get better reliability? The extra monthly fee may be worth it.
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    Large price hike compared to the others though...
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  6. Equalizer,

    Thanks for the info. I'll check it out.
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