Tradestation Data Feed: MIA

Discussion in 'Data Sets and Feeds' started by dougcs, Nov 7, 2005.

  1. I'm having very erratic and bursty feed from TS this AM, anyone else.

    Looks from my "Pingplotter" graph that the trouble is at Tradestation.

    Anyone else?

  2. mtwokay


    Major lag problems on my end! I've missed several nice runs on ER2 due lag problems. As a new subscriber to the TS platform, I'm having second thoughts right now. Is this normal TS behavior or an anomaly?

  3. I've been with them a long time; it seems to happen a few times a year. I "think" they were doing some server testing over the weekend.

    Have you checked their Network Status Page? Don't bother, it is always ALLGREENALLTHETIME, a real joke.

    Attached is my "Pingplotter" graph:

  4. CQG fine!
    TS problems earlier - seems resolved now - its my ... ahem... backup feed!!!

    Me thinks their weekend failover testing floweth over... of course I could be wrong and this could be just a case of "Fooled by Randomness"
  5. Equal,

    Sometimes guys know how to piss off those of us not fortunate enuff to use CQG ;)

    I'm back to having a good feed from TS; got switched to a different server.

    Apparently the weekend "fail testing" worked; it failed.

  6. I don't understand why such a large firm with $500 Million
    cash money can't still deliver any reliable data just like any
    other good data provider :confused:

    May be they are waiting to come up with some very cheap
    solution that doesn't take a cut from their quarterly net profit :D

    Their 3rd pary data in SP1 is just for historical data,
    not for linking to realtime data provider, that
    makes TS 8.1 signal generation delayed for execution
    in other platform
  7. LOL! I can't wait to hear what spin they are going to put on all of this. Let me guess, they'll keep quiet as per usual. They will gain more respect in my book if they at least just come out and say "Guess what, we screwed up". None of this "all lights are green" shenanigans on the network status webpage.

    Its a real pity too, because considering the competition at the price range, TS can really clean up if they got their act together - I mean they could own that price sector.